There are many brow colors. Each one is ideal for a skin tone. If you are looking for permanent makeup pigments, you will find a wide range of brow pigments here at CustomBeautech.

This page has brow colors by Micro-Pigmentation Centre. Micro-Pigmentation Centre created this pigment series to improve color retention for tattooed Eyebrows. The Medium Warm formula is part of the Pure+Vivid Collection. It is made with pure high-concentration colorants. Therefore being ideal on medium-dark skin tones.

Those colors will appear darker when first implanted. Then it will become lighter through the healing process. Micro-Pigmentation Centre created an extra creamy formulation and color combination for this pigment line. Consequently, this series of pigments became the most requested colors for permanent makeup procedures.

The table below shows recommended eyebrow pigments for micropigmentation based on skin tone. However, those pigments are suggested for people that had never done permanent eyebrow procedures. In other words, you may need to adjust the formulation by lightening or darkening the pigment to better fit your customer skin.

We do not assume responsibility for technician’s final color choice. The table above is just a suggestion.

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  • Barely Blonde – Eyebrow Pigment

    The lightest of the warm pigment formulations. For use on light, ash skin tones. Can be mixed with an ash base pigment such as Whisper Blonde or Honey Brown.

  • Brown Sugar – Eyebrow Pigment

    Brown Sugar is an iron oxide base that is a warm base to counteract cool ash skin tones. Best tattooed on light to medium ash skin tones. Darker than Grey Gone Harmonizer and lighter than Golden Sand.

  • Dark Chestnut – Eyebrow Pigment

    Dark Chestnut maintains the same properties, applications and recommendations as does Dark Walnut. The only difference is that Dark Chestnut combined with Black Pumpkin is an excellent choice for eyebrows on darker skin tones.

  • Dark Walnut – Eyebrow Pigment

    Dark Walnut is an iron oxide base pigment. Viewed in the bottle, as well as when first tattooed into the skin, this color appears olive green. Dark Walnut will heal into a medium brown color. The olive green is necessary to compensate for the red undertones prevalent in some brown pigments. This modification reduces the risk of your client’s eyebrows turning pink. To test for a color tone and the depth of color, smear a dab on the client’s skin. Dark Walnut can be mixed with any of the eyebrow colors and with some of the camouflaging pigments. Some suggestions on color variations would be mixing in Taupe, Sterling Grey, Black Onyx, Jade or Moroccan, or combination of two of them or more.

  • Moroccan – Eyebrow Pigment

    Moroccan is an eyebrow choice for skin tones that are medium with an olive undertone. Its medium brown iron oxide provides its popularity. Although this formulation has some warmth in it, it is only less cool and is still dark.

  • Taupe – Eyebrow Pigment

    Taupe is truly a must in every technician’s eyebrow spectrum of colors. Taupe is an iron oxide base pigment and can be used on its own for the lighter eyebrow. To make this color even lighter, add a few drops of Brow Lightener, Brows Lightener/Red Out or Grey Gone Harmonizer. To darken it, add a drop of Dark Walnut. Taupe will heal into the skin as a light, greybrown.

  • Tuscany – Eyebrow Pigment

    Tuscany is a iron oxide base and is used to achieve a medium to dark warm base eyebrow. The orange undertones will assist in building a warm base when tattooed on cool ash skin tones. It is darker than Dark Walnut but lighter then Black Pumpkin. Adding a couple drops of Blue Brow/Eyeliner Harmonizer to eliminate risks of healed in blue procedures is always a safe bet. Although this formulation has some warmth in it, it is only less cool and is still dark.

  • Whisper Blonde – Eyebrow Pigment

    Whisper Blonde is the lightest of all the eyebrow colors. It is an iron oxide base and is tattooed into skin tones that are warm, red/orange, (peaches & cream) skin tones. The ash base of Whisper Blonde will give the balance of enough of color to shape and define brows on such delicate skin tones. It is lighter than Honey Brown and Taupe.


Showing all 10 items