Custom Beautech offers a set of excellent products developed to be used before, during and after permanent makeup and micropigmentation precedures.
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  • 14 pin Microblading 5 pack

    14-pin MicroBlade is a single use gamma ray sterilized needle (blade) for implanting hair strokes in the epidermis. From each other or uniformity. This ultra thin design promotes the perfect hair stroke effect. The 14 pins are equidistant from each other for uniformity. Ideal for touch-ups and filling in spaces between strokes.

  • Icaine

    Active Ingredients: 5% Lidocaine, 2% Tetracaine, Epiniphrine
    Anesthetic for Cosmetic Tattooing

  • Lyracaine

    Lyracaine™ Gel is a fast acting, clear, topical anesthetic containing a high concentration of lidocaine (5%). Lyracaine™ gel reduces pain by quickly numbing the skin. Unlike other topical anesthetics that can take up to an hour to work, Lyracaine™ works within 20-30 minutes and, best of all, does not require occlusion (covering with a dressing).

  • Microcaine

    Anesthetic for the Eyebrows and Tattoo procedures

  • Sherry Hale Define – 30 Pack

    New 5 in 1 single use permanent makeup tool is used for the precise application of pigment to prevent cross contamination, allergic risk, and downsize multiple instruments saving you time and money.


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