Notes for consideration with Lip Pigments:
* Stay clear away from highly pigmented skin tones. Lips will turn blue or grey purple once healed into the skin. This is due to stimulating the melanin levels in the skin with the needle and not as a result of tattoo pigment.

*Cold-sores – if the herpes virus is an issue-advise your client to visit the doctor for a prescription. The product Valtrex reduces the outbreak of the virus caused by the trauma to the skin which is aggravated by the intrusion of the needles into the skin.

*Be cautious with those clients who request plum, burgundy, grape and mahogany lip colors as they will be undoubtedly heal into grey/mauve or blue. In order to formulate these colors, blue must be added to red. There is no other way to achieve these colors. Blue will always remain in the dermis and shine through the skin as a dull dark color. this is the reason for those blueberry lip lines. In order to satisfy a client’s request for these blue base colors, our suggestion is to use Raspberry.

*It is important to see some orange tone in the majority of your lip colors, particularly formulations that are darker.

  • Blue Rose – Premium Lip Pigment

    A warm blend of neutral browns and organic pinks. An excellent choice for those who do not want a lot of color. Just the right amount of white added to support color retention.

  • Bordeaux – Lip Pigment

    Bordeaux appears as a very deep wine color in the bottle but presents safely in the skin as pink soft shade. It is formulate with a touch of orange to eliminate the risks a of a healed lip procedure turning blue. Recognizing that red colorants are transparent colors adding a couple drops of Wild Rose helps to support color retention in the mucousal tissue.

  • Candy Apple – Premium Lip Pigment

    An organic, dark, rich red formulation using premium concentrations of red colorants. White supports the color for excellent retention.

  • Cherry Blossom – Premium Lip Pigment

    A mixture of organic reds, pinks, yellows and white formulates a must have and popular choice for those ladies who want a subtle hint of enhanced natural lip colour.

  • Cherry Red – Lip Pigment

    The organic deep red base of Cherry Red has fast become a favorite of technicians. To aid in the elimination of the risk of blue spots in the lips, this popular color has been formulated with and orange base. Cherry Red is often used in addition to pigments to increase depth and intensity of lip colors.

  • Natural Lips Brown – Lip Pigment

    Natural Lips brown is an iron oxide pigment formulated with an orange base and of all the lipliner series it is the most brown tone compared to all other lip pigments. Orange has been added to reduce the risks of grey when tattooing darker color into lips.

  • Nutmeg – Lip Pigment

    It is exactly what you see, peachy with a hint of pink. Nutmeg is without a doubt our most popular brown tone lip pigment choice. Brown, auburn, warm tone clients love Nutmeg. An absolute must! Nutmeg’s warm soft tones is certainly the champion for those ladies looking for that gentle brown definition. This is an iron oxide base pigment and can be mixed with all of the lipliner series.

  • Paprika – Lip Pigment

    This brown/red base is a true winner all on its own. The base is an organic and iron oxide base and can be mixed with any of the lipliner series. When you are unsure of what color to choose, pick Paprika – can’t go wrong, a very safe choice. Without a doubt, it’s one of our most popular choices!

  • Passion Pink – Premium Lip Pigment

    A brown-pink base with a hint of white to keep it on the lighter side of the palette.

  • Peachy Pink – Lip Pigment

    Peachy Pink is an organic and inorganic base which also contains titanium dioxide. The white added to this formula will support other colorants in keeping color in the mucosal tissue. This peachy rose color can be mixed with any of the other lipliner series. True color and no color changes in the lip tissue. Add this pigment to high risk and high levels of natural blue lip tones.

  • Phoenix Red – Lip Pigment

    Phoenix Red proudly displays itself as a bright, soft red. Once healed into the skin, Phoenix Red settles into a soft, pink red. It can be mixed with other organic lip liner colors. Although a bright color in the bottle, it is a winner for natural looking lip color once healed into the lip area. Phoenix Red may be used to increase the red undertone of Natural Lips Brown or Terra Cotta.

  • Pink Lemonade – Premium Lip Pigment

    Developed to meet the needs for a brighter and more vivid pink-red formula. An organic base and white provides superior color retention. Truly becoming one of the most popular lip choices available.

  • Poppy Red – Lip Pigment

    Poppy Red, an organic pigment, is a deeper, brighter red when compared to Phoenix Red and/or Velvet Red. The cool tones of Poppy Red has given this color popularity with those clients who have minimal natural lip pigmentation. Generally, Poppy Red is used on its own but it is well sited to be mixed with any of the lip liner series pigments.


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