The Camouflage Signature Series

This series has been designed to eliminate some of the frustrations involved in the color matching of skin tones. These pigments are formulated with an iron oxide and a titanium dioxide base. This Camouflage Signature Series may also be used for areola/nipple re-pigmentation.

Camouflage Tips:

The pigments listed under the camouflaging series are primarily used for facial and body corrective cosmetic tattooing and areola procedures. Each camouflaging pigment has been extensively researched and formulated to accommodate different skin tones. Due to the creaminess and density of all the pigments developed by Micro-Pigmentatin Centre, diluting the camouflaging pigment with Micro-Pigmentation Centre’s Dilution Soulution will achieve a more translucent look.

When mixing numerous colors, always start with the light color first and add drop by drop of darker color until the desired result is achieved to match the client’s skin tone. mix it well, then smear a dab onto the clien’ts skin or a color match. Increase the amount of drops and modify the undertones with continued smears.

Camouflaging has its boundaries and limitations. Color match testing is highly recommended to determine color match. Allow the pigment to settle in the skin for four to twelve weeks and assess the results.

The tattooing of a light colored pigment, in order to camouflage a dark skin patch, is seldom successful and consequently we do not recommend it. Tattooing a darker colored pigment over lighter colored areas and/or patches to blend with the body’s overall darker skin tones is much more successful.

Note: Remember to advise your client of the affects of sun exposure on tattoos. Sun block should be applied at all times when in the sun. Tattoos will fade and possibly change color when exposed to the sun.

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