Organic and Inorganic

Iron oxide base pigments, also known as inorganic, are used in the manufacture of all of our eyebrow and eyeliner pigments and in some of the lip color pigments. Organic base pigments are brighter and more vibrant in color compared to an iron oxide base. Attempting to achieve vibrant lip colors such as red and orange with iron oxide colorant is impossible. Organic lip colors will generally settle and fade to approximately 25% to 70% lighter than the initial implanted pigment.

  • Black Pearl – Eyeliner Pigment

    This carbon black formulation has a very creamy consistency and is applied when your client wants black eyeliner. An excellent choice for highly pigmented, darker skin to achieve the darkest of colors. Carbon base pigments will change to a blue/gray on some skin tones. Never use this color on eyebrows.

  • Black Pumpkin – Eyeliner Pigment

    Black Pumpkin has been modified and formulated with an orange colorant to assist in reducing the blue/grey undertones. It is created with iron oxide and synthetic organic FDC colorants. This color is a dark rich brown/black. Black Pumpkin can be used on its own or mixed with Midnight Brown/Black. It is tattooed into medium to dark skin tones for very dark eyebrows. It is excellent for eyeliner on all skin tones. Black Pumpkin has intense orange undertones to reduce the changes of blue eyebrows. It will also correct old tattooed blue eyebrows and eyeliner which is a common occurrence with all black pigments.

  • Black Tangerine – Crown Color

    Black Tangerine is one of the products of Crown Color Series. They are pigments made for scalp micropigmentation procedures.

  • Blue Brow Harmonizer – Eyebrow/Eyeliner Pigment

    Add a small amount of this harmonizer to darker pigment choices to eliminate the risks of blue undertones. Mix well and tattoo over the existing blue tattoo. If the existing tattoo is a dark blue color, use this straight up. If the existing tattoo color is a very pale smudgy blue, add Grey Gone Harmonizer to lighten and increase the yellow tones. With a 20 year track record, Blue Brow/Eyeliner Harmonizer promises to neutralize the blue in conjunction with correct tattooing techniques.

  • Blue Fix – Crown Color

    Blue Fix is one of the products of Crown Color Series. They are pigments made for scalp micropigmentation procedures.

  • Blue Lip Harmonizer – Lip Pigment

    Blue Lip Harmonizer is a corrector pigment. It is so named for its ability to eliminate the blue tones prominent in so many lip procedures. Its only purpose is to tattoo directly over previously tattooed lips that have turned blue/mauve. Do not use Blue Lip Harmonizer on its own nor directly on skin that has not been previously tattooed.

    $27.00 /16.10
  • Blue Rose – Premium Lip Pigment

    A warm blend of neutral browns and organic pinks. An excellent choice for those who do not want a lot of color. Just the right amount of white added to support color retention.

  • Bordeaux – Lip Pigment

    Bordeaux appears as a very deep wine color in the bottle but presents safely in the skin as pink soft shade. It is formulate with a touch of orange to eliminate the risks a of a healed lip procedure turning blue. Recognizing that red colorants are transparent colors adding a couple drops of Wild Rose helps to support color retention in the mucousal tissue.

  • Brown Olive – Crown Color

    Brown Olive is one of the products of Crown Color Series. They are pigments made for scalp micropigmentation procedures.

  • Brown Sugar – Eyebrow Pigment

    Brown Sugar is an iron oxide base that is a warm base to counteract cool ash skin tones. Best tattooed on light to medium ash skin tones. Darker than Grey Gone Harmonizer and lighter than Golden Sand.


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