• Black Onyx – Eyeliner Pigment

    Black Onyx is an iron based and is used in most of the black eyeliner formulations. In order to darken a color, it is recommended to mix Black Onyx with another color such as Dark Walnut, Dark Chestnut, Sterling Grey, Jade, Black Pumpkin, Midnight Brown/Black or Moroccan and Blue Corrector.

  • Black Pearl – Eyeliner Pigment

    This carbon black formulation has a very creamy consistency and is applied when your client wants black eyeliner. An excellent choice for highly pigmented, darker skin to achieve the darkest of colors. Carbon base pigments will change to a blue/gray on some skin tones. Never use this color on eyebrows.

  • Black Pumpkin – Eyeliner Pigment

    Black Pumpkin has been modified and formulated with an orange colorant to assist in reducing the blue/grey undertones. It is created with iron oxide and synthetic organic FDC colorants. This color is a dark rich brown/black. Black Pumpkin can be used on its own or mixed with Midnight Brown/Black. It is tattooed into medium to dark skin tones for very dark eyebrows. It is excellent for eyeliner on all skin tones. Black Pumpkin has intense orange undertones to reduce the changes of blue eyebrows. It will also correct old tattooed blue eyebrows and eyeliner which is a common occurrence with all black pigments.

  • Marine Blue – Eyeliner Pigment

    Marine Blue has an iron oxide and ultramarine base, that will heal a slate blue grey tone. Do not use on lips or eyebrows.

  • Midnight Brown/Black – Premium Eyeliner Pigment

    Our tried and true brown/black combination has been a favorite and staple in every technician’s tray of pigments. It is the perfect eyeliner combination! This iron oxide base pigment consists of brown and black, resulting in charcoal grey. It is dark and rich in color. Midnight Brown/Black is recommended for darker skin eyebrows and for those who wish to have dark eyeliner. It is a perfect choice for most of your eyeliner procedures regardless of skin color and age. Historically, this color has proven to be on of our most popular colors for 25 years.

  • White Eyeliner – Eyeliner Pigment

    White Eyeliner is a titanium dioxide base. Tattooing white eyeliner on an upper eyeliner is generally performed on Hispanic and Mediterranean woman. Black eyeliner, using Midnight Brown/Black, Black Pumpkin or Black Pearl is first tattooed close to the lash line and then, when healed, white eyeliner is tattooed just above and close to the black.

    It is important to note that white fades to peach over time, and is very hard to remove if the client changes her mind.


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