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  • Deluxe Tanning System

    The Deluxe Spray Tan System is easy-to-use and provides flawless tans every time. With a durable motor meant for high-volume, continuous use, this system is perfect for mobile spray tanners, spas & salons. The package comes with the spray tan equipment, solution and training materials to get you started with your South Seas signature treatments.

    Deluxe Turbine Compressor with 13ft Hose and HVLP Spray Gun
    Training DVD

    1 Liter Tahitian Tan Solution

    All South Seas Spray Tan Systems have the same sprayer gun and will complete a full body spray in less than five minutes.

    All South Seas Tanning Solutions contain Certified Organic DHA, are pH-Balanced, and do not require barrier cream.

  • HVLP Black Spray Gun

    The HVLP Black Spray Gun is designed to work with all three South Seas Spray Tan Systems. This lightweight, easy to use sprayer provides even application with minimal overspray.

  • Large Gasket for HVLP Sprayer Gun

    This large gasket for the Black HVLP Sprayer gun is intended to create a tight seal between the cup and the gun. If your gun has been leaking, it is due to tilting the gun too much to the point where the gasket is no longer creating an airtight seal. This small fix will make your spraying experience leak free.

  • Tanning Bungalow Extraction Booth

    Maintain a clean, mist-free tanning environment with this quiet, 2-piece overspray filtration system. Specifically designed for salons and spas, our extraction booth is designed with a simple foot pedal on/off switch and wide panels to allow for easy use. Simple to setup with washable filters, and contemporarily designed to enhance your clients’ experience as well as your staff.

  • Tanning Cabana Pop Up Tent

    Cut down on overspray and protect your surrounding with this pop up tent. Lightweight, easy to use, and mesh windows for optimum visibility. Comes with a travel bag and is great for mobile spray tanners, salons and spas. New Dimensions: 39″x39″x80″


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